We extend the reach of your event using Live or On-Demand technology to share the event experience with anyone, anywhere at any time. Live events’ service is built around detailed pre-production checkpoints to ensure bandwidth capabilities and dedicated connections for uninterrupted content streaming to the web. Our design team can create a custom webskin adhering to your company brand guidelines. Webcasting can be utilized in either or both of two forms including:


Viewed in real-time, live as it happens. Presentation slide synchronization and interactive applications available.


Record and upload your event for archival reference to be viewed as many times as requested. Presentation slide synchronization is standard.

Why webcast?
  • Extend the reach of your message and reach new global audiences
  • Increase the size of your audience
  • Deliver your message simultaneously
  • Extend the life of your event (On-Demand Webcast) by including content in your marketing communications channels – email newsletters, PR and social media.
  • Advertising opportunities within your webskin framework including commercials on the landing page, banner advertising and text overlays on the live video screen


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