Meeting & conferences


Meeting & conferences

We know how to create an engaging conference that enhances your event message.


Live events’ ability to manage every element of a successful meeting or conference and deliver seamless technical production management is second to none. Depending on the scale of the meeting or conference, we work with you to determine floor plans, plenary and breakout sessions, speaker preparation systems, draping, stage sets and rehearsals.


We know how to create an engaging business conference that enhances your message, rather than distract from it. Working closely with you to determine your conference objectives and ensuring your message is clearly received by your audience through specialist event staging, audio visual techniques and lighting.


Whether your meeting involves two people in a hotel boardroom, or a CEO address on stage, we have the equipment to make it happen. As well as providing audio visual equipment and technology to meet your needs, we ensure that you have every business tool required from laptops and Internet access, down to whiteboards and markers.

Live events technical teams are experts in utilizing the most appropriate and effective audio visual and lighting for the event space and managing all preproduction from technical equipment to drapes and livery. 

  • The latest AV and lighting for clear sound and vision
  • Floor plans to optimize sight lines and presenter access 
  • Branded stage sets and screen content
  • Expertise in speaker and presentation management
  • The largest flip chart network in Australia!

And finally our extensive venue network throughout Australia means we are able to replicate your meeting or conference in multiple locations seamlessly. We can even record your conference or meeting and webcast between venues virtually connecting you to your attendee’s wherever they may be.

Live events’ range of integrated event services from sound and vision to styling, make it easy to create an enjoyable event. Whether it is a sit down gala dinner or a cocktail function we deliver so that the focus of the event is always on your message.


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